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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

What makes us special?

What makes St Andrew’s College Special?

Here at St Andrew’s College Junior School we are really proud who we are and what we do.

With a 130 year heritage, our school is steeped in tradition and reputation but has one eye firmly set on the future. We believe that we offer something that is a little different in the Irish school context.  Indeed, come to visit to our school on any ‘normal’ day and you will find something far beyond the average school experience.

Our walls are adorned with exceptional pieces of modern art created by our budding artists: our corridors are brimming to life with projects and displays from our collaborative learners: our music rooms charged with sound and song from our talented musicians: our sports pitches overflowing with determination and courage.

Step inside one of our twelve classrooms and you will sense an energy and enthusiasm for learning that is palpable.  Pupils at St Andrew’s College Junior School are engaged, happy, motivated to learn and they are supported to achieve their best every step of the way.   A strong heritage, a strong ethos and a strong community working together. That’s at St Andrew’s College Junior School.