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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Support for Learning


Ms Susan Gordon -

Mr Darren Mallon -

Mission Statement:
The Support for Learning Department (SFL) seeks to provide academic and pastoral support to students with additional educational needs, through early identification, specialist tuition and comprehensive liaison with parents, year teams and subject teachers.

Students whose educational needs are provided for by the Support for Learning  Department :

  • Students who have been assessed by a psychologist/psychiatrist or relevant health care professional and have been identified as having a Specific Learning Difficulty, (SLD), e.g. dyslexia, Mild General Learning Disability (MGLD) or syndrome such as ADHD, ADD, ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) or dyspraxia which is commonly known as DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder).
  • Students who have non-specific learning difficulties and who are identified by subject teachers as being unable to cope adequately with the demands of the curriculum may be eligible for short-term interventions.
  • Students whose learning is affected by a physical disability.