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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Subject Teacher Information


Subject Leaders: Ms Garvey and Ms Owen

Ms Leggett

Mr Walshe


Subject Leader: Mr Feery

Mr Canning
Mr Cox
Mr Dee
Mr Doyle
Ms Jenkinson
Ms Pinder
Ms Sloan

Classical Studies 

Subject Leader: Ms Mockler

Mr Fairbairn
Ms Jones


Subject Leaders: Ms Jones (Senior Cycle)

                                       Mr McArdle (Junior Cycle)

Mr Bohan
Dr Carter
Ms Devane
Ms Gordon
Ms Hickey
Ms McKeown
Mr McDermott
Ms Mockler
Ms Moran
Mr O'Reilly
Mr Quinn
Mr Reidy
Ms Talbot
Mr Williams


Subject Leader: Mr Walshe

Mr Allen
Ms Chellar
Mr McCann
Ms McKeown
Mr Moore
Mr Williams


Subject Leader: Dr Carter

Mr Allen
Mr Fairbairn
Mr Flanagan
Ms Kinsella
Ms McGrane
Ms McKeown
Ms Talbot

Home Economics

Subject Leader: Ms Smeeth

Ms Comaskey
Ms Staunton


Subject Leader: Mr Keddy

Mr Mac Giolla Bhride
Ms Murphy
Ms O'hUadhaigh
Ms Samuels
Mr Shaughnessy


Subject Leader: Ms Cadden

Ms Burke
Ms Carroll
Ms Crowe
Ms Gillane
Mr Goode
Ms Griffin
Ms Harkin
Mr Hipwell
Mr Macken
Ms O'Hanlon
Mr Oswaldo de Souza
Ms Palanduz
Ms Puetz
Ms Ward

Modern Foreign Languages


Subject Leaders: Ms Halferty and Ms Reneaud (Senior Cycle) Ms Jennings (Junior Cycle)

Ms Brennan
Ms Breton-Higgins
Ms Geraghty
Ms Zakrzewska


Subject Leader: Ms Schulz

Ms Brennan
Ms Horvath


Subject Leaders: Ms Woods and Ms Zakrzewska 

Ms Bayón Pascual
Ms Collins
Ms de Courcey
Mrs Groves
Ms Halferty
Ms Harte
Mr McGrath
Ms Moran


Subject Leader: Ms Sawyer

Ms Noone

Physical Education 

Subject Leader: Ms Wallace

Mr Baxter
Mr D Feery
Mr M Jarvis
Mr D Jones
Mr I Ovington


Mr Styles


Subject Leaders: Ms Davoren adavoren@st-andrews.ieMr Fahey 

Ms Boyce
Ms Casey
Ms Frain
Ms Garde
Mr Hehir
Mr Hickmott
Mr Macken
Ms Teehan


Acting Subject Leader: Mr Shevlin

Ms Carroll
Ms Comaskey
Mr Moore
Ms Sloan
Ms McGrane
Ms de Courcey
Ms McKeown
Ms Mockler
Ms M Moran
Ms O'Reilly
Mr Walshe
Ms Noone
Ms Woods

Graphics and Design and Communication Graphics

Subject Leader: Mr Eluk

Mr Shevlin