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Subject Leaders and Teachers:  Mr Eoin Fahey and Ms Ailbhe Davoren

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Ms Boyce
Ms Casey
Ms Davoren
Ms Dooley
Ms Frain
Mr Hehir
Mr Hickmott
Mr Macken
Ms Teehan
Laboratory Technician  
Ms Brogan

Science has intrigued man in one way or another for a long time. The Greek philosophers considered the four elements making up the universe, the alchemists attempted to make gold from lead, early chemists explored the nature of the atom.

Scientific knowledge helps citizens of the modern world to make informed decisions about the choices being offered to them. Controversial topics such as nuclear energy, global warming, genetic modification, in vitro fertilisation etc. can be best judged if one understands a little of the science behind the problem.
Science has helped us to find cures for many diseases, to produce a range of synthetic materials that are in use all around us, develop technology for communication and transport etc. etc.
Science in school is offered to all students in the Junior Certificate programme. We feel that it’s important that all students be given the basics of a scientific approach to problem-solving. Sciences are taught separately at the senior level (Leaving certificate and International Baccalaureate), and most students opt to study at least one science subject, while some study all three. Studying a science subject at senior level further develops the students’ understanding of the modern world and facilitates entry to many third level courses.