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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Programme Structure

The year consists of 35 weeks of school.  Four of these are set aside for work experience (February/March and May/June). There are many trips organised as part of the Transition Year programme.  The first of these involves the whole year and takes place over three days in the first full week of term. Three venues will be used and each will offer a blend of Irish culture and adventurous sports.


Core academic subjects continue as normal.

Core academic subjects - Irish, English, Mathematics and Modern European Languages continue with the same rigor as in previous years.  Indeed, much of the content and skill sets in these subjects will prepare students directly for the senior cycle and the Leaving Certificate.   Performance and results may directly affect class settings in Fifth Year.

Irish/Irish Culture             

During the year, students studying Irish will complete work in the following areas: a novel, short stories, comprehension, grammar, written and oral skills. Irish culture will form a central part of the Irish course.

Students who do not study Irish will take classes in Irish culture. They will study Irish history, mythology and language. Students will be required to complete a project as part of this course.

American Studies                

American Studies is offered to all American students who have an Irish language exemption.  The subject covers modern American history and literature.  The history element will cover the period from 1945 until today mainly focusing on the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement but also touching on 9/11 and the War on Terror.  Additionally, students are required to read two American novels and prepare book reports.  Students will also have to complete two 1,000 word essays on a specific topic of their choice from the eras covered in American history.  These can later be used, if desired, as a basis for their International Baccalaureate extended essay/history internal assessment or their history research project for Leaving Certificate.


Students will complete two fifteen-week modules in the areas of film studies, poetry, the novel / short stories and drama.  Throughout the year, students will also practise language exercises and creative writing skills.


Students will study a variety of topics which are mostly linked to the Leaving Certificate course. They will also study other mathematical areas which lie outside the curriculum.

European Language         

Foundations for the Leaving Certificate Course will be laid with particular emphasis on increased conversation, aspects of modern life, music, journalism, film and culture.


On Tuesday afternoons, students will listen to guest speakers/lecturers in the Senior Hall. A key skill for students to learn is note-taking and during these lectures students will be required to take notes of the presentation.  Lecture notes will be required as part of each students’ Portfolio Interviews, which take place twice a year (December and May). Some lectures will finish at 3.10pm to allow students to meet with their Form Tutors to discuss projects, work experience and social awareness opportunities.

Transition Year Tutorials 2018/2019 (Tuesdays Periods 8 and 9)

  Form Teachers & Tutors
4H Mr Hipwell
4McC Mr McCann
4M Ms Moran
4MO Mr Moore
4MR Ms Mockler
4R Ms Ryan
4P Ms Phipps