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Mind the Gap, Minding Your Wellbeing for Their Wellbeing by Caroline Martin

On Thursday, 8 February, our parents of Fifth and Sixth Year students attended a talk online  by Caroline Martin, Chartered Counselling Psychologist. 

Passionate about the experience of individuals within families, groups and systems. Caroline Martin knows how to harness and cultivate a culture of personal and professional growth. A recognised thought leader and practitioner in the field of collective efficacy and trauma, she integrates her values of empathy and curiosity in her working and therapeutic relationships.
For over 25 years, Caroline has been a noteworthy leader in Education, in her work as the Chief Psychologist at City of Dublin Education & Training Board, in her contributions to University College Dublin, School of Education, Maynooth University, School of Education, European projects on professional learning and professional mentoring, national projects on support teams, suicide prevention, the design of second chance education and on advocacy  for student centred systems. Prior to her return from the US, she worked with a community based mental health clinic while leading a team of educators for the Massachusetts based special education provider, Project Bridge, Inc.
Caroline has been recognised for her contributions to psychology in education and is widely known for both her work in trauma and critical incident response and the creation, development and leadership of expert teams in those fields. She has been a speaker at Zeminar, the biggest and most inclusive youth event in Ireland. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision from Trinity College Dublin, a Master’s of Science in Counselling Psychology from Salem State University in Massachusetts, a Higher Diploma in Teaching the Deaf and a BA in German and Linguistics from University College Dublin.
Her commitment to raising awareness of trauma informed practices, utilising her expertise in collective efficacy permeates her extensive work with systems and interagency projects.
Caroline currently runs a private practice and consultation service, working with individuals, charities, schools and the corporate sector. Caroline also has a weekly column with the Irish Examiner where she brings her humanistic and positive psychology ethos to contextualise modern dilemmas faced by the public.
A busy working mum of three kids, she enjoys running and drinking far too much tea.