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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Lunch Menu

Lunchtime Arrangements

The College provides a high-quality lunch for students at very reasonable cost. Students who use the dining hall are expected to keep the area clean and tidy. All trays, cutlery, plates and other food containers must be returned to the appropriate collection points. Students queuing for food should behave in a considerate and responsible manner. Students may bring their own packed lunches, which may be eaten in the dining hall or in house areas. Students who avail of this facility must leave the area in which they have been eating clean and tidy and ensure that all litter is placed in the bins provided. The main hall area is reserved for First Year students at lunchtime.

In certain circumstances, students living close to the College who wish to go home at lunchtime for any reason may be given permission by their form teacher to do so. Sixth Year students may leave the College grounds at lunchtime.

Smart Cards

Information for Parents 

The Smart Card can be used to purchase food in the Dining Hall at lunch and break times. Students who wish to use the Smart Card system should make a payment (minimum €25 up to a maximum of €125) by cheque payable to St Andrew's College, by credit card or online.  As this is intended to be a cashless system, no cash payments will be accepted. New students will receive their Smart Card from the Smart Card Office.

Payments can be credited to the Smart Card throughout the school year.

For the first week of term only:

Students along with cheques/credit card details should come to the Smart Card Office where they will have their photograph taken for their Smart Card.  The Smart Card will be issued immediately.  If payment is made online, the student needs to come to the Smart Card Office to have their photograph taken.

Subsequent to the first week:

Funds can be credited to Smart Cards at the Smart Card Office in the Dining Hall between 8am and 9am on any school morning.  At other times, Smart Cards should be placed in one of the envelopes provided outside the Smart Card Office and placed in the designated box at the door of the Smart Card Office. If a payment is left in the box after 9am the Smart Card will be available for collection the following morning.  If payment is made online, the card is automatically updated and credit will be available within one working day. The card is activated at the tills or in the Smart Card office.

Lost Cards

A great advantage for the user is that there is no need to carry cash for food purchases.  A Smart Card can be cancelled immediately its loss is reported.  Credit for any unused amount will be transferred to a replacement card.  Please note, however, that it is the responsibility of the pupil to report the loss as soon as possible - the College cannot be responsible for misuse of a Smart Card if its loss is not reported.  There is a €6 administrative charge for replacement of lost Smart Cards.

Insufficient funds on a Smart Card

A card-reader is positioned at the Dining Hall entrance to enable users to establish the balance remaining on their Smart Card.  In the event of a pupil arriving at a checkout with insufficient funds for the items purchased, his/her Smart Card will be withheld and a fixed fee of €5 will be charged for its return.   Thus the pupil concerned will not have to go without lunch/snacks that day.

Food Available

The Smart Card enables pupils to choose from a great variety of meals at different prices.  In addition, healthy snacks may be purchased at break time.

Please note that an analysis of purchases on any Smart Card is available, on request, from the Smart Card Office.

If you have queries on any of the above information, please contact the Bursar's office.