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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Library Rules

All school rules apply with the following;

  • No eating or drinking.  
  • No talking
  • No game playing on the computers – they are for school related work only
  • One person per computer
  •  Facebook and any other social networking sites are BANNED!!   Any student caught using a social networking site will be reported to the computer department and their account will be disabled
  •  No Ipods or any other personal listening/music devices are to be used in the library.  Those found using one will have it confiscated.
  •  Bags to be left outside the library
  •  All students must sign in
  •  All students, except 6th years, must have written permission from supervision to be in the library during class time.  Ask the librarian for a permission slip.
  •  Any student caught breaking any of these rules will be sent from the library to supervision.