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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin


Learning at St Andrew’s College Junior School
Outstanding teaching and learning is at the heart of what we do.  We believe that all children have the right to a rigorous and well-rounded education that inspires a love of learning, develops talents and positive mind-sets and nurtures success for the future ahead.

Please click here to read the St Andrew's College definition of High-Quality Learning.

The four pillars of teaching & learning at SACJS are as follows: 

Academic excellence
We want all of our children to reach for the stars and to find their own passions and aptitudes for learning. In all of our classrooms and subjects, children are inspired and supported to learn by our fabulous teachers that create learning opportunities that are relevant, hands-on, the right level of ‘challenge’ and most of all, fun! We believe that when children are happy and engaged, the learning flows.

A curricula that is broad and balanced
At SACJS we offer an enriching and progressive curriculum that supports ever child to shine. Music, Art, Modern Languages, Technology and Sport have ample time allocated in our weekly timetables, and the children benefit from a range of first class specialists delivering these subjects.  A day in the life of our pupils is vibrant, engaging, active and filled with choice and possibility.

Values and aptitudes
The values of kindness, responsibility and courage underpin all of our work in the Junior school and we are committed to supporting our pupils in their social and emotional growth. Through dedicated SPHE lessons, stories, assemblies, in our House work and special events, we explore our values and golden rules. 

Strong home-school dialogue and relations
Working effectively and openly with parents and guardians allows us to best support the attainment and progress of our pupils. We strive to keep parents: informed about school life through the weekly newsletter and curriculum updates; updated about their child’s progress through twice annual parent meetings and school reports: and involved in the school experience through an active PTA, an array of high profile performances and an exciting calendar of events.