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Internal Assessments

Internal Assessments differ from subject to subject but in general they are supervised and marked by the subject teacher. These marks are then sent to the IB who then request a number of samples of the marked work from each subject. These samples of worked are viewed by a moderator who checks that the teacher has been consistent in their marking and that the standard of marking applied by the teacher is the same as the global standard for the cohort that year.  If they are not the same the moderator applies a moderation to some or all of the work of that teacher. 

The IB ranks the assessment in each subject  by the marks allocated by the teacher(s). All the pieces of work for that subject is then  divided into 5 bands. There is a top, middle and bottom band and then a band between top and middle and between middle and bottom. 

Dynamic sampling

The IB use a system of dynamic sampling when marking the internal assessments. The moderator is assigned three pieces of work from the sample, these are checked. If the moderator and teacher mark agree within a set tolerance then all of the marks for that class stand. If the marks do not agree then the moderator will  mark all five pieces of work and apply a moderating factor to some or all of the sample bands. 

Internal Assessment moderation can only be appealed if the average of the mark of the teacher differs by the average of the mark of the moderator by over 15%.