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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

IB at St Andrew's College

The subjects available to IB students in St. Andrew's College  - details on the subjects are in the Academic Subjects menu on the left. 



Students must choose one subject from each group. They cannot choose two subjects from the same group. Ultimately they will take three subjects at Higher Level (HL) and three subjects at Standard level (SL). On day one the only subject they must choose their level for is mathematics. The other subjects will  begin as common level and over time they will choose higher or standard level in those subjects. 

HL subject are 240 hours long, SL subjects are 150 hours long. This compares to Leaving Certificate HL subjects which are 180 hours long. The length of time allocated to the subject is an indication of the relative difficulties between the programmes. From this it is evident that IB HL subjects are more difficult than LC HL subjects, while IB SL subjects are more accessible than LC HL subjects. All students can do the IB but having to have three HL subjects where each subject has a internal assessment coursework aspect will suit some students over other students. Students applying to enter the IB in St. Andrew's College will have to demonstrate that they have the academic ability to take three IB subjects at HL. 

All students have to complete the IB Core of CAS, ToK and the EE - details on all of these core components are in the menu on the left.