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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Health & Safety

Nurse:  Ms Sandra Belton         

Students who are feeling unwell should report to the school nurse who is on duty during school hours (9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.). No student may leave the College on grounds of illness without first reporting to her.  
Parents should provide the nurse with information regarding any chronic conditions from which their child may suffer (on the form supplied) and specify the medication which has been prescribed. Medication to be taken in school should be left with the nurse for safekeeping.
Details of the student's visit to the nurse are recorded in triplicate on computerised forms which include information regarding the nature of the complaint, medication administered, if any, and the duration of the visit. One copy is given to the student for presentation to the teacher from whose class the student has been absent and to inform parents. One is sent to parents as a precaution against the loss of the student's copy and the third is kept for inclusion in our medical records. In exceptional circumstances parents will be contacted at the time of the visit.

Every effort is made to ensure the safety of all who work and study on the College campus. Safety regulations are set out in the College Health and Safety Statement. A committee chaired by the Bursar (the Safety Coordinator) meets regularly to evaluate, review and update all aspects of safety policy.
Parents are reminded that cars may enter the school grounds only via the Booterstown Avenue entrance. Exit is by the Rosemount Terrace gate. To avoid causing inconvenience to local residents, drivers are requested to avoid turning right as they leave the College. Students wishing to travel to school by motor bike or car should apply in writing for permission to park on campus.
Unfortunately, car parking facilities are limited and the prominently displayed instructions should be followed. At present there is an unrestricted car park between the music department and the hockey pitch, designated parking for staff and visitors to the College, a set-down area near the school building for parents of children in K1, K2, P1 and P2, and a clearly-marked footpath. Students coming to school by bicycle should dismount before entering via the Rosemount Terrace gate as many small primary-school children may be walking around in that area. All cyclists are advised to wear safety helmets.

Fire drills are held regularly in the College. The signal for Fire Drill is the continuous ringing of the school bell. Upon hearing the fire alarm, students should proceed in an orderly, restrained manner through the designated exits to the Assembly Point between the rugby and hockey pitches. There they must line up in class order and a roll call will be taken. Personal property is to be left in the building during this exercise.

The following areas are out of bounds to students:
  • The kitchen area of the dining hall
  • The staff room door area
  • Laboratories*
  • The sports hall and changing rooms*
  • The areas behind the school which are clearly marked as being 'Out of Bounds'.
*except during class times