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Guidance in the curriculum

The Guidance department supports students throughout their time at the College, whether it is in the adjustment to a new school or researching courses at Universities in Ireland and abroad. A summary of their activities is outlined below.

Junior Cycle

Transition Year

Junior Cycle

An introduction to guidance and counselling services. 

  • Each First Year Form is met by a Guidance Counsellor who explains the Counsellor's role in the school and how to make an appointment to see us.  When any new student enters the school they also have a meeting with a Guidance Counsellor.

Study Methods, Organisation Skills and Examination Techniques.

  • Form teachers and subject teachers provide guidance in this area. However, some students are referred to the Guidance Counsellor for extra help and assistance.  In First, Second and Third Year an outside agency provide day long seminars in study skills for all students.

Assistance in adjusting to a new school.

Identification of students at risk.

  • The pastoral care team, school matron and subject teachers all have a role in identifying students at risk socially, academically or in other ways. 

The Guidance Counsellors are available to meet students for support, guidance or counselling whether self-referred or referred by others.

Helping build self-esteem.

  • A whole school approach is involved in helping all students build their self-esteem.

Being observant of bullying and peer group pressure.

Identification of early school leavers.

Transition Year

The Guidance Counsellors administer and interpret the differential aptitude test (DATS) and the Eirquest interest test to all Transition Year students in December and January.  Following this, each student has a meeting with the Guidance Counsellor to discuss their results and the importance of subject choices. 

These results are also given to students to discuss with their parents.  Guidance Counsellors are available to meet with parents to discuss these results.

The Guidance Department also provides Career Guidance classes on a modular basis -  to help students build their self awareness and increase their knowledge of various vocational opportunities.  In these classes, each student completes a number of interest inventories and aptitude tests and the results of these are given to students to discuss with their parents.  The students complete a computer-aided research class.

The following topics are discussed in these classes:

  • Introduction to College life and entry system.
  • Preparation of CV, letter of application and the world of work.
  • Subject Choices - The Guidance Counsellor presents the subjects on offer in the Senior Cycle at St. Andrew's College and helps the students consider their subject options in line with College course entry requirements.
  • The Transition Year Head helps students find work experience.  The experiences students have are discussed in the guidance modules.

The Guidance Counsellors hold an information evening for parents and students, presenting the Senior Cycle options both in the International Baccalaureate and Leaving Certificate.

The Guidance Counsellors are available to students for support / guidance / counselling whether self-referred or referred by others. They are also available to meet parents on request.

All staff continue in their role of helping to build students' self esteem, being observant of bullying and identifying students at risk.