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About the PTA

Parents play an important and positive role in the life of the College. The PTA encourages support for, and interest in, the College and its students. It provides parents, guardians and teachers with a forum to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern, as well as organising social and educational events for them. It also lends practical assistance to the College (often by sponsoring events for students), and liaises with the Board of Management on College matters. 

A Management Committee is elected in May of each year, at an Annual General Meeting. Parents serve for a term of three years while they have children attending the College. 

The PTA has a formal meeting every month.  These meetings, and the general operation of the Committee, is governed by its Constitution.

Membership of the PTA is open to all parents and guardians of students as well as to all teaching staff.

If you would like to help out with the PTA please contact Margot Brama-Labberté. If you would like to be involved, but cannot commit to becoming a member of the Committee, we maintain a list of parents/guardians who are able to help out from time to time or with specific events. If you think this might be you we would be delighted to have you on board.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or requests for further information (e.g. PTA minutes) please contact the Chairperson on the email below.

St Andrew's College PTA Committee 2023/2024

To contact a member of the PTA please email

Chairperson Suzanne Duggan-Evers
Treasurer Tatiana Hrapelman
Co-Secretary Louise Knatchbull
Co-Secretary Margot Brama-Labberte
Principal Louise Marshall
Deputy Principal Mary Keddy
Junior School Principal Denise Buckley
Junior School Deputy Principal Joseph Flynn
Senior School Teacher Representative Gary Quinn
Senior School Teacher Representative Michael Styles
Junior School Teacher Representative Sandra Coyne
Senior School Parent Denise McPherson
Senior School Parent Lisa Doran
Senior School Parent Tanya Livingston
Senior School Parent Cristiana Hurley
Senior School Parent Rachel Dolan
Senior School Parent Justyna Hammon
Senior School Parent Rebecca Maughan
Senior School Parent Gillian Kane
Senior School Parent Julie Quin
Junior School Parent Suzanne Silverman
Junior School Parent Magdalena Crofton
Junior School Parent Caroline Meenan
Junior School Parent Jessica Duff