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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Class of 2022 Leaving Certificate

Leaving Certificate, Class of 2022

Today we are celebrating an excellent set of results with the Class of 2022. They have worked extremely hard and in doing so, they have proven themselves to be a most remarkable group of resilient and determined young people.

They have endured and triumphed through two years of interrupted learning due to the Covid -19 pandemic. Their adaptability in getting to grips quickly with learning remotely and sustaining an ambition to succeed, has proven crucial to their success.

We could not be more proud of them.  We are so happy for their families who have supported their children and the College through the most challenging of times. We wish them all the best next week when the CAO release details of their third level college places.

A sincere thanks to our incredible staff who have guided, challenged and sometimes cajoled the students through their senior years. They have gone above and beyond during those unprecedented times to sustain academic excellence and provide care and support to the students.

Rob Micallef (Acting Principal)