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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin


Congratulations to our students who have been selected to play for the Irish and Leinster Hockey teams


Leinster U-16 Jack Fairmaner, Zach Silverman, Callum Keeley, Jacob Davey, Will Knatchbull

Irish U-16 Jack Fairmaner, Zach Silverman

Leinster U-18 Sam Hickmott, Rhys Armah-Kwantreng, Ethan Setton, Christopher Knatchbull

Irish U-18 Sam Hickmott, Rhys Armah-Kwantreng

Leinster U-21 Callum Hewat


Leinster U-16 Emilie O'Brien, Natasha Armah-Kwantreng, Ruby Mullen

Leinster-South U16 Izzy Duggan

Irish U-16 Emilie O'Brien

Leinster U-18 Martha Duignan, Charlotte O'Neill

Irish U-18 Martha Duignan

Leinster U21 Katie Murphy