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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

SFI SciFest Awards

Giulia Baratta and Noémie Leeder receive their awards

LtoR:  Noémie Leeder, Ms Marshall & Giulia Baratta

Today at school Ms Marshall presented International Baccalaureate students Giulia Baratta and Noémie Leeder with the awards they won at the Science Foundation Ireland SCIFEST competition earlier this year.  

Giulia was runner up in the Science Foundation Ireland SCIFEST competition, for her project on the 'Toxicological investigation of pesticides, using Paramecium as a model organism'.  This project also won the Environmental Award.  Noémie won the Chemistry Award for her project on 'Comparing different matrices for the entrapment of yeast cells to form calcium alginate beads with minimal vulnerability to chelation'.