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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Salters' Festival of Chemistry

Trinity College - 7 May

Four Students from St Andrew's College were engaged in hands-on activities in the Chemistry Under-Graduate Teaching Laboratory in Trinity College on Saturday 7 May, trying to find answers to challenges posed by the Salters' Institute and the TCD Chemistry Department, after which they were treated to a chemistry show.

The students representing St Andrew's at this years Salters' Festival of Chemistry were:

  • Natacha Byrne (1McL)
  • Nathan Scarlett (1M)
  • Harry Maltby (1F)
  • Cameron Kerr (1R)
Harry Maltby, Cameron Kerr, Natacha Byrne and Nathan Scarlett waiting for the official opening of the Festival.
Natacha Byrne, Nathan Scarlett, Harry Maltby and Cameron Kerr in the Chemistry Laboratory at TCD.