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Inside our Gym interview with David Jones, S&C Coach at St Andrew's

David Jones with his former pupils Andrew Porter and Jordan Larmour

On Sunday 26 January, an interview with our Strength & Conditioning Coach and Physical Education teacher David Jones appeared on the newsfeed of the  It was an insightful interview about rugby at St Andrew's as well as the strength and conditioning facilities that are available for all our students. 

It describes in depth the gym in which Ireland's rugby players and past pupils Andrew Porter and Jordan Larmour started their careers as very young students at school.  Mr Jones states that "every single kid who comes into the school has the same access to the same environment that they (Porter and Larmour) did."  

The article explains that our "students are encouraged to try their hand at a multitude of sports in order to improve mobility and overall mechanics.  The initial focus is on producing athletes, rather than shaping kids for a particular sport."

Our students are fortunate indeed to have a coach and teacher with the dedication of Mr Jones.

Please click here to read the full article.