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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

News from P2

Busy Bees indeed!

During the week commencing 25 January, our P2 pupils had a great week of home learning. 
With all of our lessons live via MS Teams, there is plenty to be learning and exploring together and never is there a dull moment!

We did experiments with water resistance using playdough and aluminium foil; completed our storyboards with camera angles, character movement, and dialogue for our story Little Red Riding Hood During the Pandemic; read another chapter of our class novel Flat Stanley and completed related reading comprehension activities; started writing a shared narrative fiction piece about puppies; explored patterns on hundred charts, addition and subtraction strategies, and how these relate to money; explored elements of our well-being including how to stay positive and happy; did 'show and tell' with our new pods; and so much more.

What eventful weeks we're managing to have during the lockdown!