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P6 Enrichment Programme

Cycle Right - a report by Eddie and Sam

Enriching Friday Fun for P6!

On Friday 27th November, both P6 classes enjoyed the start of our new Enrichment Programme. We each had the choice of taking either a cycling safety course or a modern-day survival experience with Mr. Cousins.

The two of us chose the cycling course, which was provided by an organisation called Cycle Right.  Each class went out to the yard separately, and the session took just under an hour. It was so much fun it felt like the class went by in just a blink.  Noel and Tony, our two teachers, were both really fun and friendly and they explained how to check our bikes and clothing. The introduction was separated into three parts.

First was the clothes check. We needed to check our clothing, making sure that our tracksuit bottoms wouldn’t get stuck in the chain.

Second was the helmet check, to make sure they were in good condition and fit comfortably and securely.

The last and most important part was to check our bike: to make sure there was enough air in the tyres, to check the height of the seat, that the spokes were not damaged and that the brakes work well.

One thing we learnt was that in different countries the front and back brakes are on different sides of the handlebars!  So always check, if you are cycling a new bike, which side your brakes are on!

For the last part of the session we got to cycle up and down the front of the yard to practice stopping safely. For the next seven weeks we should get a lot more time practising on the bike and learning how to cycle safely from Noel and Tony.  I would say these skills and knowledge will benefit us in the future. 

P6 are very pleased to get the opportunity to enjoy these two activities, to learn a lot as well as have fun together.

Reporters:  Sam Sheng and Eddie McCarthy