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Friday update from P5 and P6

Here are Mrs McCormack's SuperStars for this week - their teachers are very impressed with how hard all their students are working and learning from home.

Ms Scarlett has sent in some lovely P6 Irish work. 









The students were asked to illustrate the Irish saying 'Is olc an ghaoth nach séideann maith do dhuine éigin' - 'It's a bad wind that doesn't blow good for someone (someone always benefits from adversity).










Update from P5


This week we concentrated on Weight in Maths, continued with Caitheamh Aimsire (Hobbies) in Gaeilge, read about Rainforests in Literacy, designed Earth Day brochures and started learning about Mexico in Geography.

On Thursday we had our first online classroom experience and corrected our Maths and read out interesting paragraphs about aspects of Mexican culture.



We look forward to our live quiz on Friday to top off our first week of Term 3!










As her creative writing exercise this week, Sarah Fahy edited the following very clever letter from the Guinness Book of World Records.​​​​:

Dear Mrs Venus Flye-Trappe

It has come to my attention that you have tried multiple times to get into this year's edition of The Guinness World Records.

We at GWR Ltd understand that getting into the Guinness World Records is a prestigious achievement, but however, we cannot have any old person (or plant for that matter) come in and ask to be a Record-holder if they have no reason to do so.

I would like you to note the following points:

The following talents are not enough to get into The Guinness World Records:

  • Catching Flies (we all know you can do that, you're a Venus Fly Trap for goodness sake).
  • Singing so loud that you are capable of breaking a window or two.
  • Being a plant ( there are plenty of plants out there).
  • Knowing the answer to 1+1 (maybe that is a big deal to you Venus Fly Traps, but to us, that is something that you should know from the age of 3).

It would be much appreciated if you could accept that you will not get into the Guinness World Records any time soon.

Kind Regards

Sarah Fahy - Manager of Guinness World Records

Update from P6

P6 have been working on poetry all week, studying a wide selection of poetic devices, such as simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, tone, rhythm and hyperbole.  This week they were also asked to draft, redraft and present a poem set in a personal space.  We were delighted with the quality of thought that went into their work.

Finally Yulia wrote this wonderful poem describing what she does every single day, quarantine style!   We hope you enjoy it - we certainly did!

Ringing alarm

Snooze it

Stop it.

Five minutes' silence,

Crawling out of bed,

Opening blinds,

Sliding downstairs.


Opening the kitchen door smoothly,

Smooth peanut butter spread on bread,

Slowly sipping water.

Cleaning teeth,

Sat at table,

School working time.




Yoga app on,

Mat out,

Opening set,

Stand -

Sit -


Closing set,



Hot shower on

In -

Out -

Drying -


Charging downstairs,

Yummy lunch -

What a munch!

Tidying table,

Crashing on couch -

Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Doors open,

Garden seat,


Cirque de Freak.

Grandma's jigsaw puzzle

1000 pieces!

"Dinner" Mom called,

Famliy time.

Gilmore girls.

Climbing stairs,

Teeth cleaning,

Pyjamas on,

Closing blinds,

Snoozing book,

Lights out -


Have a great weekend everyone!