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Week 2 Bulletin (27 March)

Transition Year Students – Friday Bulletin 27 March 2020

Dear Students, 

We hope you are staying well both physically and mentally, as we get one week further into this new reality. 

Below are some important pieces of information, and we would ask you to read this notice in its entirety. 

Within the St. Andrew’s community, many of us, both young and old, have been 'upskilling' in order to function effectively, but by now most people have engaged well with the teaching and learning that has arisen. If you have any difficulties with the IT, please ask for help from somebody, either an adult in the St Andrew’s community or a fellow student. We are all learning together now.

Some really important points that the staff and management have asked us to emphasise: 

Can you please acknowledge when you have received materials? Within 'teams' there is a simple emoji 👍, or through an e-mail just reply with a 'thanks'. I know a lot of you are working away on materials, but the teacher does not know you are doing so. REPLY PLEASE TO ANY COMMUNICATION.

There will be TY reports going home at the end of next week and work that has recently been submitted or work that is about to be requested will probably be used to form the grade and comment that is sent home. So please ensure you are fully engaging with all work set and tasks communicated.

On a legal note here is an extract from our school e-safety policy:

Classes delivered remotely through our online platform are the intellectual property of the Teacher and of St Andrew's College. You may not record the classes on video or audio without express permission from the teacher delivering the class. If you are given permission to record a class, you are authorised to use it for personal educational purposes only. You are not under any circumstances permitted to change, manipulate, forward, post, broadcast or share the class or any permitted recording of the class.  Any misuse of anything provided online will be dealt with under the St Andrew's College Code of Behaviour for Students Policy.

Up to this point we have simply been concentrating on core subjects, as they were the priority initially. We would now like to expand this out to think of other areas of learning, more specific to TY. Your upcoming report will include a comment upon your second project, 'a career in detail' and we would now like to focus upon your third project, 'My TY Experience'. 

Your TY experience has changed dramatically in the last couple of weeks and we would like the third project to reflect this new reality. Out of both necessity and a desire to challenge you creatively, we have modified the project outline. A full Project 3 outline can be seen here and of course on the website, but we would like to summarise the changes to the project below:

  • The project submission date is un-changed, Monday 27th April, (this is one week after the Easter break)
  • It must be submitted 'electronically' as one document to your Form Teacher*. (embed photos, audio, video etc into the document as hyperlinks if you wish)
  • It should cover the 'pre-Covid'  TY experience as previously conceived
  • It should also now include a whole section 'since SAC closed'. (see guidelines/examples/ ideas below)**
  • Form teachers are going to use Teams - Assignments to collect these from you

We are aware than some of you have already commenced this Project, indeed many of you have been adding to it regularly as the year has progressed. You can add this material to the document by taking photos or videos of the work and embedding or linking them in the document.

We would expect that this piece of work is significant enough that its tasks and the documenting of them will keep you relatively busy over the coming weeks.

Finally, I would encourage you all to stay busy, be active physically and intellectually, and continue to play your part socially in these very difficult times.


Matthew Hickmott, Michelle Moran, Maeve Costigan


*Project to be submitted in one document

This simply means when you have completed it, it can be sent in its entirety to your form teacher as one file. For example, it might be a 'word' document with all photos pasted into the document, and links to video files or web pages or audio 'embedded' into the document. If you don't know how to do this, look it up on YouTube, then make a 'how to' video and share it! If you are seriously stuck, ask us and we will help you. If you have any questions contact your form teacher or us, we will try to help.

**Guidelines for the 'Since St. Andrew’s College closed' section of the third project

The format of this new section to Project 3 is simple, we would like you to devise, carry out and then document twenty activities that you have done since school has closed.

We would expect at least one 'page' per activity and this should include a written account and reflection upon the activity. It could include photos, audio, video and hyperlinks to web pages, you tube clips etc. The activities should be varied, containing a balance of intellectual, physical, fun and 'worthy' pursuits.

We posted some ideas on our first 'Friday Bulletin' which you can find here, but there are a few examples below. Be creative, be collaborative, but be active and busy!

You could:    

  • Cook a meal from start to finish for your family: look up a recipe, devise a menu, cook something you previously did not know how to prepare, get them to 'dress for dinner' make it an occasion. 
  • Get a virtual group together, each select an interesting TED Talk, share them, and review them - each pick a different topic.
  • Take one of the 'Virtual Tours' that have recently been advertised or have been highlighted; the Zoo, a museum, maybe a place abroad ie London or New York, an art gallery. Do it with someone else and discuss your favorite bits. 
  • Make a 'how to' instructional video (and maybe post it on YouTube if you are brave enough). You must know how to do something that you can teach the world; a card trick, an origami model, how to wire a plug, how to fix a bicycle puncture. 
  • Do something for charity; a sponsored silence, a sponsored skip etc. Get others involved and share it on social media. 'World Downs Syndrome Day' has just passed. We were, as a TY, going to help out but covid 19 happened.
  • Do a yoga class online, (I mentioned one before Lesley Fightmaster, try her beginner classes. If you have done Yoga before, try a more advanced one)

In all you do, record it and reflect upon it. Think how it can benefit you and others. Last night we all showed our appreciation for our front line health workers at 8pm, with public applause; who thought that up? The 'ice bucket challenge', who thought that up? School strikes on Friday was Gretta Thunberg's idea, what is your idea?


Some of your activities need not be so worthy!!!

  • how about a 'live' race to drink a glass of water with only a tea spoon, you could run a cup competition.
  • calculate the number of grains of sugar in a bag, show your maths/science teacher your method.
  • learn a card trick. 

So '20 things I did since school closed'; come up with a variety of activities, record them all in words, sounds, images.

Reflect and report it all!