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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin


Subject co-ordinator: Mr Geoff Reeves 

ICT Teacher's Name Contact
Mr Micallef
Ms Owen

MS Office is a 15-week module that aims to teach a working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite of programmes, in particular Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel.

As well as learning to master the software, students are also taught how to use it effectively. In Word, students are introduced to good document layout , organisation and design skills. In PowerPoint students learn how to design and deliver an effective presentation. In Publisher students are taught  desktop publishing and finally in Excel basic calculations and formulas are taught.  

The course is task-oriented and the students aim to complete a folder of achievement that includes a curriculum vitae and accompanying letter of application, posters, flyers, adverts, an animated presentation, a movie trailer and a newsletter. All tasks are chosen carefully to reflect students' particular interests.