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IB Documents

The IB have some very clear documents and videos on their assessment process. Please click on the links below for them. 

Assessment principles and practices—Quality assessments in a digital age. The main document outlining assessment procedures in the IB. 

Calculators guidance for examinations 2020 - please check this document before buying your calculator and before your examinations.

Use of Calculators in IB DP Examinations - instructions on the use of calculators in exams

Conduct of examinations booklet 2020 - the rules of examinations for schools and students. 

Conduct of Examinations – Notice to Students - instructions for students for all IB examinations

IB Answer Booklet Guide - instructions on the use of answer booklets in exams

Diploma Programme Assessment procedures 2020 - the rules and details of assessment for each IBDP component for 2020.

Inclusive Access arrangements for IB examinations. The IB regulations for supports which can be put in place for students who need to ensure equity in the examinations for all students. 

Meeting Student learning diversity in the classroom: A document for all IB educators on meeting the different types of learning diversity in the classroom