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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Code of Behaviour

We require Students:

  • to abide by the rules and regulations of St Andrew’s College
  • to behave appropriately to staff and students, with co-operation and respect
  • to act in a manner which does not bring the name of St Andrew’s College into disrepute
  • to behave appropriately towards members of the public, on public transport and in local community shops and estates
  • to behave responsibly at rail stations, when crossing the road, when cycling to school and when driving to school
  • to be fully cognisant of and compliant with all legal and insurance issues if driving to and from school
  • to wear the school uniform correctly
  • to treat everyone with respect regardless of differing culture, ability, race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability or social class
  • to take responsibility for his/her own actions
  • to demonstrate honesty and integrity
  • to act in accordance with the law of the land
  • to recognise that any form of bullying is unacceptable
  • to take a full and active part in the life of the College
  • to take a full and active part in the sporting and extra-curricular life of the College.
  • to hand into Reception any items found on the college campus
  • to present a signed exeat form at Reception if leaving the college campus during the school day


We require Students:

  • to attend all classes with equipment appropriate to that class
  • to make full use of the learning opportunities provided by St. Andrew’s College
  • to communicate and co-operate with teachers and other college staff 
  • to attend classes on time and work hard at their studies
  • to maintain a homework diary
  • to complete all homework on time
  • to respect the right of others to work in an environment of learning and teaching
  • to turn off mobile phones during class time i.e. from 8.45am – 11.35am, 11.55am – 1.15pm and 1.55pm – 3.55pm
  • to notify the College of any absence
  • to sign the Late Book if arriving late to school

Community and Safety

We require Students:

  • to respect college buildings and furnishings and other people’s property, and not remove equipment or books without permission
  • to take responsibility for their own safety, never to put themselves at risk and to look after their personal effects.
  • to be responsible members of the college community, looking out for fellow students and to report any concerns to a teacher
  • to use the college resources responsibly, avoiding wastage (e.g. turning off lights and water)
  • to dispose of all litter and waste in the appropriate, environmentally friendly manner
  • not to damage or deliberately misuse any equipment provided for the health and safety of members of the College, or visitors
  • to refrain from bringing anything to school which could compromise the safety of themselves or others.