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St Andrew's College Dublin St Andrew's College Dublin

Rate my Spring Plate Competition

5IB Students raise money for charity

This year, our 5IB students wanted to raise some money for local charities. They designed “Rate My Spring Plate”, a competition that asked Fifth Year students to create a plate (something cooked or baked) of lovely food that was in some way inspired by spring.

It could be the colours, the ingredients, the decoration – students were encouraged to be as creative as possible.

The price for entering the competition was a donation of €5 or more to a local charity of the student’s choice.

As you can see, the students worked diligently to create beautiful plates of food and raised some much-needed funds for charities such as Simon Community, Bodywhys, Pieta House, and more. Congratulations to all who entered!  

The overall winning entry as well as the runners-up can be seen in the photographs below.  For more photographs of all the entries please click  here.


Overall winner:  

Marianne Scully, 5MN 








Runners up:  

Elena Zimanyi, 5O 









Rian Geraghty-McDonnell, 5TN  








Ciara Schaefer, 5MN